St. Anns Parish Council

 The purpose of the council is to give guidance to the pastor and programs for the Pastoral life of the church.  It helps ensure that the six areas of ministry are ongoing and meets the needs of our church.  It is a communication channel between the parishioners and the pastor.  The council does not get involved in the day to day operations, nor does it evaluate staff. 

Mission Statement

St. Anns Parish is a Eucharistic Community bound by faith, love, and action.  We exist to celebrate the sacraments, to serve one another in the broader community, and to grow and expand our faith in Jesus Christ with others and future generations.

Parish Council Commissions

Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Commission assists in the maintenance and repair of all the buildings and grounds of the church property.

Church/ Family Life

The Church & Family Life Commission works to develop stronger bonds within the parish through communications amongst parishioners of all ages.  They support and maintain active programs of ministry and promote the development of programs for family enrichment through sharing and spirituality.

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Commission, together with the Pastor, guides and supports the efforts of the parish to create processes of lifelong faith formation, while maintaining an active spiritual life founded on Gospel values.


The Finance Commission assists in the preparation of the annual financial budget, oversees the current parish budget, maintains an accurate census of the parish and financial conditions and promotes the individual financial support of the parish.


The Liturgy Commission provides the means for nurturing the faith of parishioners and the planning of prayer life of the parish through sacramental prayer, teaching prayer, daily prayer, and retreats.

Social Action

The mission of the Social Action Commission is to bring justice to the parish, community and world by being formed as a community of faith by relying on prayer, celebrating the Eucharist and practicing Gospel and Catholic Social Teachings.  They seek to bridge the gap between the physically poor, spiritual poor and recognize that we, as members, are in spiritual poverty striving to serve Christ.


The Stewardship Commission encourages parishioners to participate in the four pillars of stewardship:  Hospitality, Prayer, Formation and Services.  Stewardship encourages parishioners through the contribution of their time, talent, and treasures towards God's work.